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MDIHS Library: About the Library

Find out about your world!

Our Library

Library Mission:

The MDIHS Library is committed to providing leadership and support in the promotion of lifelong learning, intellectual freedom and access to information in all formats, and a broad range of diverse ideas in an atmosphere of free inquiry, inclusion, equity, ethical use, and confidentiality. Through collection development, teacher collaboration, and student instruction, the library staff works to support the curriculum, teach information literacy skills, foster literature appreciation, and promote social responsibility.


Our library is a place where students can come to learn and read and grow. But our library is also not just a place with thousands of books. It is research and inquiry. It is literacy. It is online 24/7. It is tools to develop and use. It is creativity. It is skills we need. It is equal access.

It is a way for you to develop your voice.

Dear Parents, 

We love seeing your children in the library! 

We want you to know that we take very seriously the process of providing high-quality information to your child. If you are interested, we invite you to read a bit about our collection development process.  We love finding and sharing materials with perspectives on ideas, issues, and situations that impact all of us in ways that your kids can understand. It is never our intention to persuade or influence thinking. Rather, it is most important that we provide an inclusive, diverse, and up-to-date collection to help your children develop into lifelong critical thinkers. As such, we encourage their questions and yours.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Davonne Pappas, MSLS

MDIHS Librarian

Library Rules:


1. Work hard.

2. Be nice.

3. Eat elsewhere.


COVID Expectations:

  • Wear a mask (covering your mouth and nose) at all times.
  • Keep at least 3 feet apart.
  • Do not move chairs at tables (they are set to provide the most space while still allowing students to work together if necessary).
  • Sign in and out of the library for purposes of contact tracing.




Students are encouraged to come to the library for a variety of reasons throughout the course of the school day. 

Students MUST have a pass from a class to the library in order to use the library. 

Students may leave the library only with a pass.

From the library: All students will have a signed pass from us with a destination, and time of leaving the library,


*Students coming to the library for instruction or research as a part of a class with a teacher do not need a pass as the teacher and librarian have made previous arrangements. 



While in the library students are expected to be quiet and respectful of others in the space. It is with the understanding that being in the library is a privilege that students are expected to work independently and are responsible for completing work for their classes as assigned by their teachers. 

If a teacher is sending students from class to the library on their own after a block has started, the teacher should call to confirm that it is okay to send students and discuss with the librarian why they are coming.